French Roast Robusta

Robusta beans carefully selected and slow roasted to enhance the bold flavours for a cup of coffee loaded with emotions and a natural caffeine kick with hints of chocolate and tobacco.

Roasting Grade

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The area enjoys a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Our rich orange package represents the brick red color of Dak Lak's soils.



Red Robusta coffee beans

The coffee in this package is proof that Robusta beans, when carefully selected and masterfully slow roasted, to enhance the bold flavours, can produce a cup of coffee loaded with emotions and a natural caffeine kick. Contrary to popular belief, Robusta coffee is not an inferior variety - it simply offers a more intense experience revealing hints of chocolate and tobacco. 


It has taken us many years to discover the perfect spot (which we keep a closely guarded secret) with the right microclimate and dedicated farmers proud to grow Robusta coffee to the highest standard.


Emblematic to the region being the birthplace of Vietnamese coffee production, our Dak Lak quality represents the traditional Vietnamese coffee.

By using only the best Robusta beans, it presents a strong and powerful coffee, that will never fail to wake you up. Due to its bold flavors, this coffee is ideal for the typical "ca phe sua da", as the coffee taste is not overwhelmed by the condensed milk. 

Dak Lak Coffee farmer
Dak Lak Waterfalls
Dak Lak Robusta Farm


Dak Lak is the largest coffee growing province in the Central Highlands covering an area of 13,125 km². It has a population of 2 million people and is characterized by large forests and areas of agricultural cultivation. It is also home to the Ede, M’nong, Kinh and other ethnic minorities. Altogether, some 44 ethnic groups live in Dak Lak.

Since the unification of the country, the province has seen remarkable economic development fuelled by the growing coffee industry. Today, Dak Lak is the main Robusta coffee bean producer in Vietnam and a major supplier of world markets.

Other important crops in the province include rubber, pepper, forestry products and an increasing volume of fresh fruits like durian, avocado and passion fruit.