Gift Box

Our Gift Box contains all of Alambé's freshly roast and ground Coffee (not to be confused with soluble coffee) in 30 easy to prepare single-serve sachets.


The full experience of Vietnam through the taste of our Alambé Finest Vietnamese coffee selection.

Experience Vietnamese coffee


The perfect gift for everyone, from your dedicated ca phe sua da drinker to your specialty coffee expert: a gift box which includes single serve sachets of all our Vietnamese coffees.

All of our coffees are handcraft roasted; temperatures and timing are carefully adjusted for every single batch and every single variety.

We aim to present to our customers a complete experience of the Finest Vietnamese Coffees.

Single-Serve Sachets

These single serve sachets are not only a perfect gift but they're also amazing for travel; they are to be used just as you would a tea bag. Simply fix the paper filter on top of your mug and pour hot water over it.

The sachets contain freshly roast and ground coffee, allowing consumers to experience the true coffee flavours. Contrary to soluble coffee, this method uses no chemicals and no additives.