To have the best coffee experience, the correct preparation is key. Follow our instructions below to to enjoy the full Aromas of Alambé's coffee selection.

Symbol Description

Vietnamese Coffee Filter (Phin)


How to prepare:

- Add 4 to 5 heaped teaspoons of coffee into the filter and gently put the metal filter on top.

- Optional: if you like a more sweet flavour, you can add ~20 g of condensed milk into the glass.

- Pour hot water on top and wait about 3 - 4 minutes to let it drip into the glass.

- Add some ice for a refreshing coffee.

We suggest our Dak Lak and Saigon qualities for Vietnamese coffee filter.

For the best Ca Phe Da: Saigon

For the best Ca Phe Sua Da: Dak Lak


Espresso Machine


How to prepare:

- Use 3 to 4 heaped teaspoons of coffee grind to fill the portafilter.

- Slightly press the coffee inside the portafilter and insert it onto the machine.

- Let the water flow through. For an Espresso, stop when the running water turns clearer.

We suggest all our qualities for the Espresso coffee machine.

Our Lam Dong quality was specifically developed to prepare the classic Italian espresso.

For a delicate Cappuccino we recommend our Kon Tum quality.


Pour Over Coffee (Paper Filter)


How to prepare (3 cups):

- Fold your paper filter and moisturize it with a bit of hot water. ​

- Use 5 to 9 heaped teaspoons of coffee for a classic Melitta filter (see pictures).

- First pour a little water to infuse the coffee powder.

- Wait a few seconds, and slowly continue pouring water (~ 98 C° just under boiling point).

We suggest our Da Sar and Da Lat qualities for pour over coffee​

Pour over coffee is generally the best method to brew specialty coffee.

This method allows the delicate Arabica beans to release their full aromas.


Moka Pot


How to prepare:

- Pour water into the bottom part of the Moka Pot (fill to around 3/4).

- Fill the bin with ground coffee and assemble the pot (put the coffee bin on top of water and then screw the parts together).

- Heat it up on a stove and wait until you hear a hissing noise. 


We suggest our Saigon, Dak Lak, Lam Dong and Kon Tum qualities for the Moka Pot.

An easy-to-use method giving you a traditional Italian coffee experience. If you are searching for the ultimate caffeine kick use our Dak Lak quality with the Moka Pot.

French Press 


How to prepare:

- Use 7 teaspoons of coffee, pour a little boiling water to infuse the coffee to unfold its Aromas.

- Let it cool for 1 minute before adding the rest of the water to the french press.

- Close the lid (with the plunger above the water) and wait a bit.

- Gently and evenly press the plunger downwards.


We suggest our Lam Dong, Kon Tum, Da Sar and Da Lat qualities for French Press

The french press is an easy to use system, that gives a very pure coffee experience.

Single-Serve Sachets

How to prepare:

- Open the sachet and remove the coffee pouch.

- Open the pouch by tearing along the lines at the top.

- Pull open the paper tabs on the side and place it on your mug.

- Pour boiling water onto the pouch and wait ~5 minutes until the water fully passes through.



All our Alambé coffee qualities are available as single-serve sachets.

An easy to use method, that can be enjoyed anywhere you go. For experiencing a high quality coffee, all you need is a mug and some boiling water.

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