Besides offering our own Alambé finest coffee products, we can also create personalized blends for costumers, which are seeking a specific taste. Thanks to our roasting experience and by using only highest quality beans, be it Robusta or Arabica, we can offer you a new coffee experience all based on 100% Vietnamese coffee beans. If you like our coffee, but think that there is a specific blend, or origin missing, do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail or telephone (bottom of the page).

Alambe coffee roasting machine


roasting coffee beans

You are a company that wants to push your own coffee brand, but you are having issues with your supplier, or inconsistencies in quality. Search no more! We at Alambé can recreate your blend and guarantee you consistency in the highest quality ground or whole coffee beans. Furthermore, we can also work together with you to create new masterfully roasted blends.



The right knowledge is key to serve the perfect cup of coffee. By choosing Alambé Finest Vietnamese coffee for your restaurant, coffee shop or hotel you can rely on the Alambé team to support your business everyday. Ranging from communication and marketing material to barista training.