Traditional Vietnamese Blend

Sai Gon is an exquisite blend of Vietnam's best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans carefully roasted, recreating the traditional Vietnam style of coffee; full of strong flavours.

Roasting Grade

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Sai Gon's buzzing urban and night life inspired the midnight blue packaging for our Vietnamese style blend of Robusta and Arabica.



Saigon traditional cyclo

This rich tasting blend of high quality Arabica and Robusta beans from the Highlands of Vietnam has been carefully roasted to perfection, allowing you to experience the inimitable flavours of true Vietnamese coffee.

One of our ultimate goals was to recreate the truly unique flavour of Vietnamese style coffee while avoiding the usage of any additives, letting the quality of the coffee speak for itself.

Paired with our drip filter and even with some ice and condensed milk, our Sai Gon blend is guaranteed to enchant all taste buds.


Strong and full of aroma, the typical Saigonese coffee has converted people all around the world. Far from the diverse blends that we see nowadays where butter, soy or corn are added to the roast.

Our ambition was to go back to simpler times when a good cup of 'ca phe' was simply a beautiful blend of the highest quality beans. A mix of

Robusta for Saigonese coffee's emblematic strength and Arabica for its delightful aroma.

Saigon nightlife
Saigon alley street


With over 8 million people, Sai Gon is the most populous city in Vietnam. The country's former capital has not one, but two names. Its official name is Ho Chi Minh City. The locals, however, still refer to their beloved city as Sai Gon. The two names of the city not only mirror its duality, but also its clash of generations; with the majority of Sai Gon's population being under the age of 40, the young generation has developed a liking to a much more relaxed lifestyle and an attentiveness for the little pleasures in life - like savoring a nice cup of coffee.